MLA Style Research Paper

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MLA Style Research Paper

To write MLA style research paper means to format it, cite the sources, and arrange references according to the rules of MLA style. Usually, teachers recommend using the Manual for Writing Research Papers in MLA Style. You can find it on the Internet or in your school library. Still, if you are too lazy to read an overwhelming number of web pages, make use of the rules presented below. The guide to writing custom research paper given here is brief and convenient for using, and the most essential rules are pointed out here.

  • Write MLA style research paper on a white 8.5?11 paper;
  • Use any legible font for writing your MLA style research paper (mostly Times New Roman or Arial are used);
  • Single space throughout the text of your MLA style research paper;
  • Indent one inch margins on all sides;
  • Use italics or bold type to give headings in your MLA style research paper and center them;
  • Also, use italics or bold type if you want to emphasize a certain idea in the text of your paper;
  • Place footnotes on a separate page;
  • Give the page number to the header of your MLA style research paper and place it in the upper right hand corner of the title page;
  • Place the bibliography on a separate page at the end of your paper. According to the rules of MLA style, the bibliography list is called ‘Works Cited’, and the sources are arranged there in alphabetic order. If the books/journals/articles are anonymous, alphabetize them by their names. 

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