“To Kill a Mockingbird” Book Review


“To Kill a Mockingbird” Book Review

Among various task you are assigned in your college, writing book reviews is perhaps among the most complicated ones. To write a strong book review one needs to know the content on the book under consideration well and possess strong analytical skills.

In this paper you will find some useful ideas, which will help you to write “To Kill a Mockingbird” book review. Remember, that to write a good review of any book it is desirable to read it. But even if you fail to do it because of lack of time or by any other reason, try to follow some general rules, which will make your review sound strong.

First of all, it is important to depict the content of the story. If your “To Kill a Mockingbird” book review is not supposed to be very long, you do not need to provide a detailed summary of the text, just give a brief outline of the plot.

What is very important is to show your analytical skills. In your “To Kill a Mockingbird” book review concentrate, for instance, on the themes the author revealed, as there is a lot to discuss. No doubt, that the main theme of this book is social injustice. Speak on the rights the white people had and Afro-Americans were deprived of. Though law is supposed to be the same for everybody, this book provides the reader a vivid picture that demonstrates the contrary.

One can see, that often unwritten laws rule people’s lives, as Mr. Dolphus Raymond was exiled by society, because he dared to marry a black woman. Also speak about death of innocence in your “To Kill a Mockingbird” book review. Everybody knows that to kill a mockingbird is a sin. That means, that everybody, who accused Tom Robinson, i.e. the most part of society, were sinners. This adds elements of classical tragedy to this book.

Being an effective book reviewer, try to communicate to your teacher the thoughts and sensations which you experienced while analyzing a book. In addition, try to realize some hints that Harper Lee must have dropped about.  Of course, it is quite difficult to write an argumentative “To Kill a Mockingbird” book review, basing only on your own conclusions and judgments.

That is why look through some educational sites, which can provide you some useful ideas. If you fail to read the book, try to find some citations, which will make your “To Kill a Mockingbird book review” sound more argumentative.

In conclusion describe what you liked and disliked about this book.