“What Freedom Means” Essay Assignment


“What Freedom Means” Essay Assignment

From a great number of written essays students may be given to write a what freedom means essay assignment. It is an essay in which they need to develop their thoughts about freedom, free countries, free people, and free possibilities and so on.

From the one hand the writing seems to be easy and which does not require additional knowledge. A student is happy due to the fact, that there is no necessity to search in the Internet for understandable topics and additional interesting information.

However this “freedom” of writing has another side and we will talk about it in detail.

What Are The Main Mistakes Of A What Freedom Means Essay Assignment?

  • In most cases what freedom means essay assignment begins with the question “What does freedom mean to you?”. It is boring and nothing unique. You should start with unique information, but not with question, which people often ask. Use your imagination, recollect a person whom you considered a person, which was different from others and was mocked by surrounding people. Maybe this person had own standards and was free in unlike others.
  • Your writing is only about you. You are a selfish person, due to this fact you lose your points. Find information about someone or something what you may define as freedom or limitations. You may have another point of view, of course, and you are able to search in the Internet some additional facts.
  • Students are obsessed with people’s behavior. We are human beings and rumors about people are the part of our life, what is pity. Try to remember some historical events, some great situations and unique observations on the freedom. Write interesting facts in your what freedom means essay assignment and name the most arguable points of freedom discussion. It will help you to double your success in writing a what freedom means essay assignment.
  • Structure is wrong. You write your conclusions first and then try to explain why you think so. It is wrong way of discussion of the problem. First of all you need to state what you will tell readers about and then you are welcome to explain the thesis sentence, after you wrote your body part, you may start writing your conclusions, which are restatement of thesis sentence. Then you may talk to readers and maybe offer them to become free in the way you have described.
  • Students offer “original” ways of becoming free. Some people think about freedom differently due to lack of intelligence or desire to ignore an instructor. Please do not write, that to become free means “to leave everybody”, “to take drugs or alcohol”, “to ignore the surrounding world” and so on.

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