"Nickel and Dimed" Essay


What about should a "Nickel and Dimed" essay be?

A "Nickel and Dimed" essay should discuss a book written by Barbara Ehrenreich, which is called “Nickel and Dimed”. This book discusses a real life of people in the United States from the view of the undercover journalist. A student should read this book and give his or her opinion on that, compare to some other experiments and give relevant answers on questions of a topic. It may be difficult for a student, so we give you some supportive information and tips for writing a "Nickel and Dimed" essay. You may be sure that everything on this page is the property of our experience, which our writers use for analyzing and stating facts in essays.

Topics For A "Nickel And Dimed" Essay

Taking into account great shock on America after “Nickel and Dimed”, a society has reacted strongly on this attempt to show real life of some people, therefore now at most universities students should write a "Nickel and Dimed" essay, which discusses this problem both from the Barbara Enrenreich’ and from students’ point of view.  If you are one of such students, you may use our free topics for your "Nickel and Dimed" essay:

  • Respond of Adam Shepard to “Nickel and Dimed” experiment
  • Respond of Charles Platt to the book
  • Stage adaptation of the book
  • Setting of the book
  • Barbara Ehrenreich’s companion book “Bait and Switch” VS “Nickel and Dimed”
  • Similarity to George Orwell's “Down and Out in Paris and London”

As you see, your "Nickel and Dimed" essay on the above topics will discuss event of the book from the contrastive and analytical side. Therefore, it will be a great attempt, if you try to carry out such an experiment too. For comparison... Just kidding! Never mind!

Additional Secret Notes For A "Nickel And Dimed" Essay

  • Discuss the system America has created for its citizens and a possibility to live in such a society. The question, whether we need a regardless attitude to lives of others may be your question.
  • Analyze the behavior of the journalist. Did she do everything possible to get out from her position? How would you behave?
  • If public sector problems face solving, some private sector problems may be an obstacle to the entire welfare of the state. Discuss the real position in the modern world and ways of its solving and prevention.

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