"Pleasantville" Essay


"Pleasantville" Essay

“Pleasantville” is a film about the life of a sister and brother from the 1990s who have found out themselves trapped in 1950s television show. It is a story which shows the loving parents who nurture their old-fashioned values. It is a story about innocence and na├»ve attitude toward life. While a brother and sister do not know whether they will be able to get home, they eventually add color to the life of local people.

Nevertheless, as they make the society more joyful, they involuntary destroy the innocence of their community and start questioning whether the modern life is better than the old-fashioned one.

If you are writing a “Pleasantville” essay, you may explore the following topics:

The attempt of David to flee the reality; whether dreams come true

Reality vs. myth

Modern values vs. old-fashioned life

Personal repression and fear of changes

Innocence and naivety of people in Pleasantville

&Pleasantville as a tale about lost social perfect life

Is Pleasantville utopian?

Historical background to the film

The theme of hope in Pleasantville

Would you like to live in Pleasantville?

Of course, this list of topics for Pleasantville essay writing is far from full; however, you may definitely take one of them to develop into a good essay on “Pleasantville”. It is a good idea to watch a movie several times and to take notes. In particular, you may note interesting or important notes as well as add remarks on your reactions to different people and events. Remember, your tasks is not to write about the plot of the story but rather to present your understanding of the key themes, characters, their motivations, etc.

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