“Shrek” Essay


“Shrek” Essay Writing Tips

It seems that there is no person in the world, who has not watched “Shrek”, computer-animated American comedy film. It is a film, which was starring by voices of such famous actors as Eddie Murphy, John Lithgow, Mike Myers, and Cameron Diaz.

The directors are Vicky Jenson and Andrew Adamson. This fairy tale amazed everybody, therefore now you should write a “Shrek” essay.

Must-Analyze Aspects While Writing A “Shrek” Essay

  1. You should givea description of this film and give characteristics to the characters. In addition, discuss editing, storyline, sound, animation, and acting from different points of view.
  2. Tell about prizes this animated film has won and discuss why. You should take into account the producing, starring and directing. Also, say a few words about writing.
  3. Disclose the meaning of the word "Schreck", German word, which means “terror” and how it is applied to the main character of the film. Why authors have taken this very term is your question number two.
  4. Critics over the film. It release in 2001, what made DreamWorks a super competitor to Walt Disney Pictures. It has raised many debates over the adult interest and appeal to children. Find information on why it was so notable.
  5. The film has a sequel, which was also popular. Compare two films and analyze the marketing plans of these two animations.
  6. Discuss the soundtracks of the film. What groups were taken for that and why? How does their music show the character of the situations?

Tips For Writing A “Shrek” Essay

  • Do not try to write everything, that you know and think about this film on the piece of paper. Before writing a “Shrek” essay, you should think well over specific data, figures, statistics, names and events, which you may include into your discussion. Believe us that just your thinking about this film will not do anything best for interesting content of your essay. You should amaze your readers, and it is worth finding and collecting information upon some interesting facts, views and critics.
  • A topic is a mirror of your “Shrek” essay, therefore try to find an appropriate one, which will be the best for answering, analyzing and stating some facts. Try to choose a topic, which will have several points of view and upon which you may find different information.
  • While writing a “Shrek” essay, you may touch upon the dialogues on the film – are they childish and children are the first category of intended audience?
  • Follow the structure. State general facts in the introductory part, then proceed to the body part, which may have information about critics and animated film directing, and in the conclusion your opinion is the best player.

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