Abortion Essays


Abortion Essays

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Abortion Essays Sample (Excerpt)

The one slight concession to medical necessity appears in the application of the rule of "double effect." Under this doctrine, an act is sometimes construed as having two consequences: one good, one evil. If the act is undertaken in order to attain the good consequence, it is moral, notwithstanding the fact that the evil consequence may also result. In his perceptive discussion of the legal and moral issues connected with abortion, Glanville Williams suggests that extension of this rule of double effect--or "indirect killing," as the variant relating to abortion has been called--might well be relied on to permit therapeutic abortion in many cases of medical necessity.

Thus far, the Church has applied the rule to only a few types of situations. The most recent extension has been to the case of Fallopian pregnancy, in which the fetus grows in a Fallopian tube. In such a case, the death of both mother and child can be predicted if the pregnancy is not terminated. In such a case the Catholic doctor is now permitted to remove the fetus on the ground that this is but an indirect and unintended effect of the necessary removal of the tube.

Restrictions placed on Catholic doctors and nurses are, as Williams points out, a highly significant element in the abortion situation. Whereas the Protestant doctor may follow his individual conscience and best medical judgment, the Catholic doctor is enjoined to adhere to what the Church considers to be theologically sound practice. "Hence arises a lamentable gulf between the practice and attitudes of Catholic and non-Catholic physicians, and the fate of the patient will frequently depend entirely on the religion of her adviser and the denomination of her hospital."

Most medical practitioners who support the practice of therapeutic abortion refuse to accept the assertion that they are upholding immoral action. Their major argument lies in the belief that if a choice between the two must be made, the fetus should be sacrificed and the mother saved. Critics contend that the Catholic position really evades, rather than solves, this problem. There are situations in which the physician sees that it will be possible to save only the fetus or the mother. The Catholic doctrine, it has been argued, actually represents a preference for the life of the fetus over that of the mother--despite the fact that presumably the two have equal merit. As Williams points out, this preference may have made sense at a time when the Church stated its opposition to abortion primarily in terms of the importance of baptism, but it is not so convincing now that that argument is no longer central.

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