Antigone Essay


Antigone Essay

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Antigone Essay Excerpt

Antigone requires an acting company of from twenty-two to thirty people: eight principals; a chorus of from eight to sixteen depending on the size of the theatre; at least four nonspeaking soldiers to act as guards and carry bodies; the leader of the chorus; and a small boy to guide the blind Tiresias. The chorus is described as being made up of Theban elders or noblemen and we might expect to see a group of men of about Creon's age and general appearance. The more alike they are in height, weight, and general bearing the better the visual effect. All must have good voices and exceptionally clear speech without faults or regional accents. The group must include both light and dark voices, or, to use the musical terms, tenor, baritone, and bass speaking voices. The light voices should predominate in a ratio of about three to two over the darker ones.

It is possible to produce the play with a mixed chorus of men and women, and even with a chorus composed entirely of women, but a chorus of substantial middle-aged males is better, as the women give to the Commus and to Stasimon Three, ( Ode to the Power of Love,") a different character than the men and one quite different from what the original must have been when spoken entirely by men.

The so-called "Leader" of the chorus is really a character without a name who acts as interlocutor, speaking for the group when questions or comments are addressed to the principals. Sometimes he is costumed as a councilor or attendant of the king and sometimes he remains with the choral group throughout. It is possible to do without him and have the questions asked by various individuals in the chorus. It is possible, but it is extremely difficult and I have never seen it done successfully.

There is no particular way that Antigone has to look, although a small girl always looks better in contrast to the bigger and taller men with whom she has to appear. There is however a way she ought to sound if her scenes are to attain their maximum effectiveness. It is always best when the actress playing Antigone has a definitely emotional quality of voice. It is best when her mention of love conveys the impression of a person with a great capacity for affection. It is best when her mention of Polynices brings her to the verge of tears. And her lament in the Commus is certainly best when charged with emotion.

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