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Controversial research paper topics: Animal experimentation, Biological warfare, Genetic engineering, Homosexuality, Immigration, Opposing Viewpoints in social issues, Science and religion, Abortion, Smoking, Alcohol, Sports and athletes, Sexual values, Problems of death.

Argumentative research paper topics: Chemical dependency, Education, Endangered species, Endangered oceans, Economics in America, Energy alternatives, Child abuse, Garbage and recycling, Gun control, Gun violence, Health care, Human rights, Human sexuality, Homeless, Illegal immigration, Information revolution, Iraq, Legal system, Latin America and U.S. foreign policy, Media violence, Pornography, Poverty, Racism, Trade

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Please, read the part of the written research paper “Washington: Abortion Policymaking through Initiative”

“The Supreme Court's decision in the 1989 Webster case legitimated the right of states to place some restrictions on abortions. Anti-abortion activists in Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, and several other states rushed to pass legislation restricting abortion rights in various ways. In Washington State it was the pro-choice supporters who took up the cudgels. Fearful that the Supreme Court might go even further in abridging abortion rights and convinced that there was strong support for such rights in their progressive state, these activists decided to ensure choice, at least for Washingtonians, through the passage of a state initiative. They accomplished this. As we see, however, the struggle was harder and the victory narrower than pro-choice activists expected. Under the headline "Heady Mixture," a Washington newspaper wrote that the state's voters had been drawn to the polls in large numbers in November 1991 by "initiatives on putting an end to life, pregnancy and the pursuit of politics."…”

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