Book Critique Essays


Book Critique Essays

Writing book critique essays always causes a lot of difficulties. That is why it is important to be extremely careful while listening to your Professor giving instructions for writing. In this article, you will find the most general guidelines for writing custom book reports.

The purpose of writing book critique essays

The main purpose of writing book critique essays is to provide the reader with information about the work of a certain researcher, to tell what its merits are so that the audience might decide whether they want to read this work. Less attention should be paid to the description and summary when writing book critique essays. In other words, you should focus on analysis and evaluation itself.

Choosing a work to critique

Sometimes a teacher may assign a particular book or article under discussion in book critique essays. However, sometimes you may also be given a list of works from which you have to choose. Or, you may also be given a broad area that you have to narrow down to make it more specific. Anyway, if you are free to choose anything you like, try to find the book you are really interested in.

What to include into book critique essays

As any other kind of written assignment, book critique essays should be built on an appropriate structure. Generally, it includes:

  1. An abstract, summary or synopsis in order to sum up the main ideas and essential contents. Do not write too much here. Just give the most important information and facts.
  2. The discussion of the author’s message, objective, and methods of development.
  3. A brief biographical overview of the author’s intellectual life for the reader to understand under what circumstances the work was created.
  4. The discussion of the relationship between the work under critique and other works in the field.
  5. Evaluation of the work. Mind that your argumentation should be well-grounded, each assertion supported with solid evidence and reasonable examples. Also, use short quotations from the work that might help you explain the theme, tone, and the style of the author.

Other elements of book critique essays may vary depending on the teacher’s personal requirements. So, if you are unsure about them, do not hesitate to ask your teacher.

An important step to make after the work is completed is to edit it. So, spend much time searching for mistakes and shortcomings in your critique. This will enhance your chances to get a high grade.

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