Book Report


Book Report

The vast majority of students find book report to be a boring task to accomplish. Though, this kind of assignment is given rather frequently, some of them do not completely understand what should be included into the presentation of the book report. So, if you do not know what book reports are all about, you have come to the right place.

There is a set of issues that are obligatory to include into a book report. These issues are usually taken into account when assessing book reports. So, you should try your best to understand them accurately if you want to get a high grade. They can be presented as following:

  • What is the main theme of the book (the author’s message to the reader, the moral of the book)?
  • Who is the protagonist (hero) of the book? Who embodies the antagonist (the enemy of the hero or an evil character)?
  • What is the implicit and explicit conflict in the story?
  • What can you say about the plot of the book (setting, the rising action, climax, the falling action, resolution)?
  • Review the book (mention several the most interesting and exciting scenes from the book that might arouse the reader’s interest most). Explain why the book is worth reading.
  • When preparing a book report, you may use the following aids:
  • Flip chart;
  • Booklet;
  • Slide show;
  • Posters.

Sometimes students are allowed to use their creative skills when preparing book reports. During such a creative presentation of the book report, teachers are capable of assessing how accurately students understand the author’s message, the main characters, etc. What is more, it is much more interesting for students to prepare creative book reports presentation. That is why such kind of book report presentation is widely used. Below, there are some ideas that you may take advantage of in case you would like to use a creative approach to the accomplishment of your report.

  1. You may act out an interview with your class mate. Let one of you be an interviewer and the other one – the main character of the book. Prepare a list of questions to the main character and think of the approximate answers your class mate might answer.
  2. Write a diary of the main character. Mind that his/her feelings and emotions should be described through the presentation of some events.
  3. Draw some pictures of the scenes from the book. Explain what you have illustrated and why you have chosen these very scenes to present.

Good luck with your book report preparation!