Book Report Format


Book Report Format

Book report is one of the most frequent tasks within academic institutions. Still, for some students it is a new assignment that causes them certain difficulties, and one of them is a book reports format.

What should a book report format be like? What formatting style should you use for your book report? You are sure to find the answers to these questions below.

Book report format is how you organize your paper and in which form you present it to the reader. First of all, let us consider the general organization of the book report for you to be aware of what information to include:

Book report format: Point 1. General information about the author

In this part of your paper, tell briefly who the author of the book is. What time did s/he lived in? What was his/her motivation to writing (how did the idea of writing the book come up to his/her mind?)

Book report format: Point 2. The main theme of the book

What is the book about? What problem does the author touch upon in the book?

Book report format: Point 3. The author’s message in the book

Remember, there is a great difference between the main theme and the author’s idea. The main theme answers the question “What is the book about?” and the author’s message is “What did the author want to show to the reader?”

Book report format: Point 4. The main characters

Who are the central figures in the book? What are their interrelations? Who are positive and negative characters? What are their beliefs, world views, passions, desires, etc.?

Book report format: Point 5. The internal/external conflict

What hidden problem can be observed in the book if the reader looks deeper inside the story? Which one is obvious without some special deeper looks?

Book report format: Point 6. Your impressions from the book

Were you impressed by the book or did you stay indifferent?

Book report format: Point 7. Recommendations

Would you advise others to read this book? Why? Give your personal recommendations for the better comprehension of the book.

A book report is an assignment on Literature which belongs to Humanities. In most academic institutions MLA style is required for such kind of papers. So, most likely, you will have to use the following book report format:

  • Double spaced;
  • 1 inch margins on all sides;
  • Page numbers placed in the upper right hand corner of each page;
  • Works Cited required on a separate page in the end of the paper.

For the more detailed instructions on your book report format, we advise you consult your teacher.