Book Report Help


Book Report Help

Book report writing starts with the close analysis of the book. It is easy to analyze a book when it is short. However, when the book is rather long and you have not read it, book reports writing becomes a challenge. It is not a good idea to write your book report using summaries or criticism available online. Why? The answer is rather easy – neither summary nor criticism covers all aspects you need to focus on. Moreover, your teacher is probably aware of most of summaries and critical articles.

Book report papers should include the following sections:

  1. Summary (it should be very brief and concise. Do not try to cover all events of the book but rather focus on the most important ones)
  2. Themes and characters (talk about the major themes, the main characters and other issues you think are important; this part is not summary as your task is to be critical of the themes and characters)
  3. Analysis (detailed, reflective and critical analysis of the book)

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Book Report Help: Excerpts

"Band of Angels" begins with a beautiful quotation from a poem by A. E. Housman, the poet: "When shall I be dead and rid of the wrong my father did?"

And that's just what it's about. About Amantha Starr, a beautiful girl of sixteen, raised in Ohio where she'd been sent to be educated by her father -- sent by her father to be educated -- a wealthy Kentucky plantation owner. When suddenly he dies, she comes home for his funeral, where she finds that not only did he die bankrupt, but that she is really a Negress, the daughter of one of his slaves, and she has to be sold to pay off these debts he left. Well, this is how the story starts. A really awful situation for a girl to be in. One day she had everything money and refinement could bring, and the next day she is a slave. The very first sentence of the book is filled with symbolism: "Oh, who am I? For so long that was, you might say, the cry of my heart." And then there follows a description of this wonderful house she lived in in Kentucky, south of Lexington, near Danville: a two-story brick house with a chimney at each end and a portico with pillars. The most beautiful house you could imagine! All of which she lost when she found she was colored and sold to a dealer who took her to New Orleans where she was put up for sale in the slave market as a slave.

Fortunately, she was bought by the most interesting person in the book, a fascinating older man with a lame leg who always walked with a heavy blackthorn stick with a great silver knob. His name was Hamish Bond, book report of the car by gary paulsen and he became her protector. Not until much later does she find out that he's really not named Bond but Hinks, that he was raised in Baltimore where he was a slave trader, going to Africa regularly and bringing back Negroes. He had some awful experiences in Africa. One in particular, a description of a massacre, is really gruesome where these Amazon women go through an entire village, slaughtering all the men, women and children because they're so enormous and bloodthirsty, much stronger than men.