Book Report Ideas


Book Report Ideas

A book report can be one of the most interesting assignments if to find some creative book report ideas. So, if your teacher cannot do it, you may ask for approval to prepare a creative book report with your classmates and get a lot of fun together. In addition, you may always get custom written papers if you order professional custom book reports writing service at our site! Here are some creative book report ideas that you may use:

Book report ideas: 1. Make a book report sandwich

  • Choose two or three friends of yours to make a book report sandwich. Prepare a bulletin board headlined “Hungry for good books? Then come here” Each of you should draw the main ingredients of sandwich, such as bread, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, cheese, and ham.
  • On the top of slice of bread, write the title and the author of the book;
  • On the lettuce, write a brief summary of the book;
  • Write about the main character on the tomato slice;
  • On the mayonnaise, describe the book’s setting;
  • Share the book’s climax on the slice of choose;
  • Describe the plot on the ham slice;
  • On the bottom piece of bread, draw your favorite scene from the story.
  • Each of your sandwiches should be slapped on the bulletin board. The rest of your class should grab the sandwich to learn whether a particular book can satisfy their appetites.

Book report ideas: 2. Thumb up, thump down!

Write a review of the book you have just finished reading in the style of a movie review. Your purpose is to conclude by awarding a thumps up or thumps down on the book. You can also involve your classmate, thus, make your book report even more fun. Read the same book and plan a lively interaction about the book.

Book report ideas: 3. Character trait diagram

Draw a Venn diagram about the main characters of the book you have just read. The diagram should illustrate the similarities and differences in the traits of both characters.

Book report ideas: 4. Write a letter to the author

Write a letter in which your attitude towards the book read is presented. Share your impressions from it with the author, tell what you like and dislike about its characters/setting/climax, etc. If the author is still alive, you may actually mail it to him/her. 

Book report ideas: 5. Surfing the Net

Surf the Web to find 5 Internet sites that your classmates might check out before they read the book. So, it will help them know more about the book’s setting or time period.

Remember, before you realize some book report ideas you need to consult your teacher on the appropriateness of the approach chosen.

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