Book Report Projects


Book Report Projects

Book report projects are frequently assigned to school and college students as a part of their independent home assignment. Book reports may be accomplished by a single student or may be given in a form of teamwork. Below, you will find more detailed information about book report projects and possible strategies of their accomplishment. If you want to impress your teacher with excellent book report, you should order custom written book reports writing help at our site and get a great paper drafted from scratch by our professional writers!

What should be included into book report projects?

No matter whether students have to prepare their own book report projects or have to present them in teams, there are a number of issues that they should mention by all means:

  • Theme of the book (a moral, the ideas that the author wanted to convey, his/her view on how people behave, or the message of the book);
  • Protagonist (hero) and antagonist (the enemy of the hero or an evil character);
  • Plot (setting, the rising action, climax, falling action, resolution);

Book review (that should arouse the audience’s interest with the most exciting and interesting parts). You have to rate the book and tell why it is worth reading. In a whole, on A4 paper, it should be about 1 page.

What means can help to prepare book report projects?

Very often visual aids are used for the presentation of book report projects. They help the audience understand the presentation better and make it more interesting. So, the following aids can be effective means of presenting book report projects:

  • Flip Chart;
  • Booklet or pamphlet;
  • Collage;
  • Slide show on PowerPoint;
  • Poster.

How are book report projects assessed?

In order to present book report projects successfully you need to know how your work will be evaluated. Usually, teachers have their own grading criteria that help to assess book report projects according to students’ merits. These criteria are as following:

  • Whether all issues were covered accurately (including theme, characters, etc. as listed above);
  • Whether creative approach was used in the book report presentation (including color and quality);
  • How was the presentation delivered? (eye contact, rate of speech, and volume).

If you want to get a high grade on your book report project, e recommend you use a creative approach to the work. For instance, you may organize a team work with your class mates and act out some scenes from the book. Thus, your teacher will evaluate not only how accurately you understood the book but also your creative abilities. So, good luck!

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