Book Review Format


Book Review Format

Usually, book review format includes the following elements

  • Introduction (in this section you need to include the author of the book, title of the book, year of publication, and notify the reader about the content of your book reports)
  • Brief information about the author (in this part of book review format you need to include some details about the author; for example, why did the author write the book, what was his intention, is there a link between his life and themes of the books, etc.)
  • Summary (summary section of book review format should cover the plot of the book; you need to limit this section to one or two paragraphs as your primary task is to write not the summary but a review)
  • Overview and analysis of key themes (you need to talk about the issues raised by the author, main characters, etc. You need to be careful to avoid writing a book summary instead of review. Therefore, pay special attention to the language used by the author. Are the themes covered sufficiently? Are the main characters well-developed?  Why does the author focus on the specific theme?)
  • Critical analysis (this section of your book review is the most important one. Here you need to express your personal opinion about the book and justify your positive or negative evaluation).

The above simple book review format meets the requirements of most teachers.  However, you need to consult with your teacher regarding the specific format before writing a book review. For example, some teachers will not accept paragraphs on author and summary of the book.  If you do not have time to write your book review or looking for professional assistance with writing, do not hesitate to use our individual book report papers writing services. Our writers will help you write an excellent book review. We deliver custom written book reviews on time. Custom Written Papers are original, written from scratch, and delivered on time!

Book Review Format: Short Sample

Hamish was kind in his brooding way to Amantha, and he treated her like she was really a lady which made her feel a bit better about being a slave. As somebody in the book says, the trouble with Hamish is he has "kindness like a disease." Another fascinating character Amantha meets is Hamish's k'la (meaning Negro best friend) Rau-ru, "whose eyes were wide, large and deepset, his nose wide but not flattened, the underlip full if not to the comic fullness favored in the minstrel shows of our day, and the corners of the mouth were drawn back so that the effect of that mouth was one of arrogant reserve and not blubbering docility."

Hamish was a very unusual man, especially after the Civil War started. One night there is a storm at Hamish's house -- and Hamish takes Amantha in his arms while the rain blows in the window and she knows for the first time what love is. "With the hand of Hamish Bond laid to my side, and the spreading creep and prickle of sensation across the softness of my belly from the focus of Hamish Bond's sandpaper thumb, and the unplaiting and deliquescence of the deep muscles of thighs were as much History as any death-cry at the trenchlip or in the tangle of the abatis." Can you still hear me? Well, that's how she feels as she discovers what love is and this maybe is the only serious fault in the book. I mean would a young girl like Amantha, even though she was well educated in Oberlin, Ohio, think thoughts quite like that? I mean, older more experienced women would, but would she? However, Mr. Warren writes poetic English and we can certainly excuse an occasional symbolic sentence like that. Well, there are many beautiful passages like this in the book, but the story never gets bogged down and the parts about the Civil War are really fascinat ing. Especially in New Orleans where she meets, completely by accident, Seth Parton, her girlhood sweetheart, who is now an officer in the Union Army, and also Tobias Sears, "the New England idealist to whom the butcheries of war must be justified by 'truth.' " I don't think it will spoil the book any if I tell you that everything ends all right with Tobias and Amantha. . . Miss Manty, as everybody calls her. . . together in quite a beautiful and touching ending.