Capital Punishment Term Paper Argument


Capital Punishment Term Paper

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This stage is a concise but accurate indication of what the term paper is about, what is to be measured/investigated and how.

Here the aim of your experiment(s) and the theoretical background is indicated. This will normally include a review of literature on what is known about the particular topic and how you plan to investigate it. Indicating where there is a gap in knowledge or investigating procedures, provide the rationale for the English paper writing.

Methods of analysis    
This section should include your analysis of the gathered data. If there are different statistical or other analytical techniques available, an evaluation should be given in order to justify your choice.

Materials and methodology
This step begins with a list of material and apparatus to be used. Diagrams may be useful to show how the experiment(s) will be set up. The methodology demonstrates how the aims are met within constraints on laboratory time, equipment and materials. Methodology section should be very detailed to allow critical evaluation. The conclusions reached can be considered valid only if the research methodology is judged to be sound.

List all the sources referred to in the term paper. This shows what you have read and allows other people to find the sources if they need to.

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