Classification Essay


Classification Essay

Classification essays are a kind of academic papers that aim to classify certain objects, events, or phenomena. If you want to classify any objects or phenomena in your classification essay, you should be sure that they have common peculiarities, otherwise, they cannot be classified. Classification is successful only in case the categories of a certain classification are identified accurately and good examples are given to prove that this or that object/phenomenon belongs to this very category.

In fact, classification essays may be written about everything you like. You just have to choose certain events/phenomena/objects and find similarities between them to make sure they can be referred to one and the same category.

Below, you can find more detailed information about classifying certain objects, events, or phenomena along with useful prompts on how to do it better.

Determine the categories.

Being careful is especially important when determining categories to consider in a classification essay. For instance, if you say that Hawaii sports include sailing and snookering, but forget to mention surfing, your classification essay will be incomplete, as surfing is the most important water sports in Hawaii. On the other hand, do not include too many categories, as they may blur your classification. For instance, if you have to classify shoes by the principle of activity, do not include high heeled shoes into your classification essay.

Classify by a single principle.

Once you have determined the categories, be sure they fit into one and the same organizing principle. Also, make sure a different principle will not pop up unexpectedly in your classification essay. For instance, if you categorize by a principle of “tourist oriented” water sports, do not use any other unifying principle, like “native water sports”. In case you do it, you will certainly get some different categories like outrigger, canoe racing, or pearl diving.

Support each category equally with examples.

When considering certain object/phenomena in your classification essay, you will have to give the same number of examples proving that they belong to one and the same category. The most significant category usually reserved for last as it may require more elaboration.

So, follow the guidelines presented above if you want to classify your objects/events/phenomena successfully and take the tips given into consideration.

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