Compare And Contrast Essay


Compare And Contrast Essay Topics: The Tips to Consider

  • Choosing compare and contrast essay topic, be sure that the subjects you are going to compare are not related.
  • Start writing compare and contrast essay from some basic similarities of the chosen subjects.
  • Compare and contrast essay writing is very familiar to the critical essay writing, as you are critically evaluate two subjects, things, problems, etc. If you do not know from where to start writing compare and contrast essay, start from the making two rows on the page. One row should be devoted to the similarities – another one to the differences of the essay subject. Make a list of what you know about these sides of the described essay subject.
  • Then choose the more interesting points for the essay writing. Remember, that while writing such an English essay, you must demonstrate your ability to compare and to contrast. In other words, writing compare/contrast essay, you must show the similarities of the things as well as the differences that the things have.
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Compare And Contrast Essay Writing: The Sample

“Languages and their associated artistic prose styles, like people, have personalities. Consciously or unconsciously, interpretation of a foreign literary culture involves comparisons even when one's aim is a simple exposition.

Western students of Chinese who are familiar with Latin and Greek learn to bring very different expectations to their Greek and Chinese sources: these are not prejudices or preconceptions, but expectations grown out of extensive experience with thousands of pages of ancient European and Chinese primary sources in the original languages. Greek prose style has an extroverted, communicative loquacity and personal expressiveness that tends to be much more subdued and implicit in Chinese. Extant Classical Chinese sources and the varying ideals of prose style to which they aspire have one prevailing tendency in common: they tend to be fundamentally, personally reticent and somehow delicate almost across the board. The colloquial crudeness of Aristophanes has no parallels anywhere in Chinese literature down to Ming times. Classical Chinese texts often came to retain a touch of reticent delicacy even when they rebelled against this reticent mode. Even pornographic prose tends to be less crudely and freely vernacular in its vulgarity than it is in Aristophanes.”

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