Creative Book Report Ideas


Creative Book Report Ideas

Do you find making a book report boring? Would you like to get pleasure from this process? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find several really creative book report ideas. Of course, before you choose one of the book report ideas you will find here, you have to consult your teacher and get his/her approval. But we assure you that any manifestation of creativity while presenting the book report is always much appreciated and highly evaluated by the teacher’s staff. That is why our book report ideas can be much useful and interesting to you.

Creative book report ideas: Idea # 1

Design a life-sized model of your favorite book characters and dress them as the author described them in the book. Hide behind one of the characters and introduce yourself. Tell what your role in the story is and how you relate to other characters that you have made.

Creative book report ideas: Idea # 2

Write a diary of one of the main characters from the book you have read. Mind that the character might have kept this diary before, during, or after the events described in the book. Also, remember that it is very important to describe the character’s thoughts and feelings in the diary.

Creative book report ideas: Idea # 3

Organize teamwork with some of your class mates. Read one and the same book and dramatize a scene from it. Write an adopted script of the book and organize several rehearsals before you show the performance in the class.

Creative book report ideas: Idea # 4

Imagine yourself to be a salesman from the bookshop. All the rest of students in the classroom are your visitors to the shop you work at. You strongly recommend them buy this book. Be emotional while presenting the book.

Creative book report ideas: Idea # 5

Draw several pictures of the scenes you read about in the book. Label them and explain what is presented there. Tell why you decided to draw these very scenes.

Creative book report ideas: Idea # 6

Write a letter to the main character of the book asking questions, criticizing, protesting a situation, making a complaint or suggestion. Format letter according to the necessary rules.

As you see from the book report ideas presented above, book report preparation may be much creative and interesting process. So, good luck with your task!