Custom Written Controversial Research Paper Topics


Custom Written Controversial Research Paper Topics

Reading the following research paper topics ideas you can choose one of them for your college paper writing: America's Prisons, Crime and Criminals, Death Penalty, American Values, Abortion, Adoption, AIDS, An Aging Population, Environment, Epidemics, Censorship, China, Population, Pornography, Constructing a Life Philosophy, Gambling, Gangs, Domestic Violence, Endangered Species, Energy Alternatives, Juvenile Crime, Mental Illness, Extremist Groups, Feminism, Gun Violence, Homeless, Genetic Engineering, Global Warming, Gun Control, Russia, Sex, Illegal Immigration, Internet, Islam, Terminal, Illness, The Third World, Police Brutality, Political Scandals, Problems of Death, Race Relations, Religion in America, Technology and Society, Teenage Sexuality, Violence.

Capital Punishment Research Paper Sample

 “Looking back over the last half-century or more and confining our observations mainly to continental Europe – but with an occasional glance at parallel developments in Russia and beyond the seas—it becomes evident that, by and large, the humanitarian tendencies of the previous century have steadily continued, in spite of the waxing and waning of popular emotion. Hence, the general conclusion can be drawn that, given a reasonable degree of international peace, the current "crime wave," common to Europe and America alike, may be regarded as a temporary setback and there is no valid reason why the long-term movement towards abolition should be reversed--provided, that is, national leaders can meanwhile be persuaded to keep their heads and not give way to what Gustave le Bon called "the hysteria of the mob." It will, therefore, be useful to look at the way in which some governments--and we can obviously select only a few--have reacted, or failed to react, to contemporary opinion…”

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