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You may write term papers on any topic you want such as: Assisted Suicide, Child Abuse, AIDS, Islam, Animal Rights, Conjoined Twins, Gender Issues, Smoking, Terrorism, Extraterrestrial Life, Eating Disorders, Abortion, Drunk Driving, Empire State Building, Marijuana, Gun Control, Media Issues, Privacy, Immigration, Health Care, Same Sex Marriage, Holocaust, Diabetes, Capital Punishment, Cloning, E-mail Spam, Welfare, Racial Profiling, and Global Warming.

Capital Punishment Term Paper Argument

Guidance on using illustrative material for capital punishment term paper argument:

  • Graphs, pie charts, tables, schematic diagrams, and maps are often used to make points more clearly, effectively or succinctly than they can be made in words.
  • They supplement rather than duplicate text.
  • They must be relevant and discussed in the text.
  • Figures and tables should be located as close as possible to the point in the text at which they are discussed and not generally in appendices.
  • Graphs, diagrams and maps should be referred to as 'Figures'. Tables and word charts are referred to as 'Tables'.
  • Illustrative material should be large, comprehensible and self-contained, legible, customized to your work (re-drawn if necessary), correctly identified with sequential Arabic numerals, and correctly attributed if appropriate.
  • Titles should specify the subject of the illustration, its location, and the time period to which it refers.
  • Maps and diagrams should have a complete and comprehensive key.
  • Labeling should be neat, legible, and relevant to the message being conveyed.

Custom Written Research Papers

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