Debate Essay


Debate Essay

Probably, the first idea coming up to your mind when you think about a debate essay is that you are getting involved into a certain discussion and have to write a kind of argumentative essay. Well, your guesses are not exactly right. Thought, debate essays have something in common with argumentative essays, their purposes of writing are different. Anyway, we are here not to compare argumentative and debate essay writing but rather to give you useful tips for successful accomplishment of your debate essay.

There are two possible ways of writing a debate essay:

  • Discussing the articles where opposite viewpoints on one and the same problem are presented
  • Usually this ways of debate essay writing is specified by a teacher who gives two or more articles where other researchers’ opinions about the problem are discussed. You have to compare and contrast those opinions and present your vision of the problem.
  • Discussing the questions that are not based on scholarly positions of other authors

In other words, you will not be given the works of other researchers and interpret their points of view. Still, this does not mean that you have to give a single-valued definite answer to these questions. You will have to conduct thorough research by yourself to find out what the great minds think about these questions and present your personal point of view about it.

Here are also some useful tips that will help you improve your writing:

  • Do not do a history report. No doubts, a debate essay requires outlining briefly different positions on one and the same problem. Still, your teacher needs to know your opinion about it as well.
  • Keep your debate essay short and to the point. Wordiness is one more mistakes that almost all students tend to make while writing their debate essays. Talk to the point and do not deviate from the subject.
  • Be specific. Do not just tell the reader that Professor Johnson “rejected this approach”; give an example and even the appropriate quotation.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread. The more mistakes will you find in your debate essay, the higher your grade is sure to be. Check everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, lexicology, stylistics, and the general organization. Be careful when checking the reference list of your debate essay. Your grade may be much reduced due to a large number of punctuation mistakes in your references.

Take these tips into consideration, and you are sure to create a good debate essay.

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