Descriptive Essay Samples


Descriptive Essay Samples

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Descriptive Essay Excerpt

It is a commonplace of literary history and criticism to describe one of the phases of the Romantic movement as a revival of interest in the past. Walter Scott is produced as the great paragon of this return. To turn to the past, and in imagination to explore its adventures as a compensation for the matter-of-factness of the present and its ugly and forbidding complexity. There at least the imagination is free of the restrictions of the intransigent present, and may roam at will over its figures and events and create anew a world which shall be more to its liking. Ivanhoe, Quentin Durward, Rob Roy and Die Vernon are not constrained in their actions by the machines of the new industrial age, know nothing of the Origin of Species or the Reform Bill, or of the 14th of July and the Bastile, or of the policies of Prince Metternich, and have never read Adam Smith Wealth of Nations. In their days men could be men, and life offered free opportunity for large adventure and outlet for the joy of living.

There is a measure of truth in this dangerous generalization. For some did retire to the past as Chateaubriand retired to the land of the primitive savage and Wordsworth to the hills and shepherds of Westmoreland. Or as we, after a winter of business, turn for a two weeks to the simplicity of stream and mountain to forget and recreate. But there is also a wiser motive and more instructive; and even Scott, careless as he is of historical detail, gets from his history something far more valuable and real than a vacation for his imagination. If for the present I call that gain historical perspective for the purpose of a better understanding of that essential thing human nature, I think I shall not be far wrong. From the distance in time the irrelevancies tend to disappear and the pattern of the landscape, as in a map, falls into clearer outline. Against the moving events of times past one can watch the human panorama, and in its story catch, perhaps, a vision of the meaning of history and the value of human action. The pattern is simpler, because it has been purged of lesser detail; and from it the reader of its story can discover wisdom and a philosophy of life. Such, I take it, was Walter Scott, and such, almost without peer, was the Italian Alessandro Manzoni.

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