Diabetes Term Papers


Diabetes Term Papers

What is diabetes? Diabetes is the term used to describe the group of diseases that affect the use of the blood glucose by the human body. Glucose is the source of energy for cells in muscles and tissues. If the use of the blood sugar is distorted, a person loses the source of body fuel. Writing a term paper about diabetes, you have a great choice of topics to explore. For example, you may write about causes of the disease, its treatment, symptoms, diagnosis, impact on life, etc. Here are some specific suggestions for you diabetes term papers. If you are in need of individual assistance or advice, do not hesitate to use our custom paper writing services and we will deliver custom written term papers on diabetes within the specific deadline! We write papers from scratch! In addition, you may review our free term paper blog with numerous tips and advices on writing!

Diabetes Term Papers Topics

  • Causes of reactive hypoglycemia
  • Myths about diabetes
  • Hyperinsulinemia vs. diabetes
  • Diabetes in children
  • Treatment of diabetes

Diabetes Term Papers Free Excerpt

In the human pancreas there is a group of cells known as the Islands of Langerhans, the function of which is to secrete insulin. Insulin helps the body to store and use up sugar. When there is an absence of insulin, sugar is not consumed; the body does not get the energy from the sugar; and the sugar is excreted from the body through the urine. It is also found in large amounts in the blood. The cause of this dysfunction of the pancreas is not entirely known. Heredity plays a role. It is said by some geneticists that the disease is a Mendelian recessive and that two diabetics, therefore, should not marry. Diabetes is said to be 75 per cent more common among Jewish than among non-Jewish people. Infection is related to diabetes not only as an etiological factor but also as a serious complication, since all infections seem to disturb the sugar balance. Obesity and pregnancies, the other common causes, do not pertain materially to diabetes in children. The first indications of diabetes are thirst, hunger, and urination--all in excessive degree.

The point of greatest interest to the professional worker in regard to diabetes in children is the education that such children must receive. This is necessary in order not only to prolong their lives but also in order to have them live as nearly normal lives as possible. There seems to be a widespread idea that diabetic children as a class are of superior intelligence. It is doubtful whether such a generalization can be made, as has been shown by Teagarden. However that may be, there is a very definite program of training that must be given to diabetic children, and medical science is making great progress in the psychology of treatment.

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