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Diversity Essay

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The People's Convention met in London on 12th January 1941, and was attended by some two thousand 'delegates', supposedly representing over a million workers. 2 Just nine days later the Home Secretary, Herbert Morrison, invoked the Defence Regulations and placed a ban on the publication of the Daily Worker.

Anticipating a general proscription of its activities, the party now intensified its preparations for an illegal existence. A few issues of a clandestine Daily Worker were distributed in defiance of the government, just to show that the party could do it, and under Rust's direction a secret chain of printing presses was established throughout the country. Douglas Hyde, of the Daily Worker staff, was in charge of these arrangements for a time, but he was then made editor of a cyclostyled daily bulletin, Industrial and General Information, which was issued as a legal substitute for the Daily Worker. The I.G.I. staff were all former Daily Worker employees, and the bulletin provided the same type of news that the paper had previously provided, though in a slightly different form, so as to avoid suppression. Later on, it was decided to launch an illegal paper designed particularly for circulation among members of the forces; but this plan was abandoned when the German invasion of Russia took place in June 1941. 

The preparations for underground activity, together with the dislocations caused by wartime conditions, make it difficult to estimate the total membership of the party in this period. In some spheres, as we have seen, Communist influence remained strong; and at the various by-elections for which it entered candidates the party was able to pick up a certain protest vote which made its performance seem quite as creditable as before the war. Some party publications, too, sold unexpectedly well: the Labour Monthly, for instance, increased its circulation from 7,500 in August 1939 to 20,000 in December 1940, and this was in spite of an export ban. In the general monotony of publications supporting the war, no doubt the Communist literature had a certain 'curiosity' value deriving from its distinctively different attitude to the principal questions of the day. In spite of this, there seems to be plenty of evidence that the actual membership of the party went down rapidly at first. According to Ted Bramley, the secretary of the London District: 'For a time we lost members heavily. We remained low when we defended Russia in connection with Finland.' 3 He put the London membership of the party at 3,500 in January 1941, which was only about half the last prewar figure.

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