Drug Addiction Term Paper


Drug Addiction Term Paper

Drug addiction is a serious social as well as health concern. If a person is a drug addict, his life will end much earlier than it should.  Drug addiction has many causes and consequences. If you have to write drug addiction term paper, you should either try to provide the general overview of the topic (within the boundaries of your specific course) or choose one aspects of the topic and explore it (for example, causes of drug addiction). The following essay explores the relation between drug addiction and criminality. This sample essay will help you focus your term paper on drug addiction.  In addition, you can rely on our essay writing services and get a custom written essay prepared by professional term paper writer! Custom written term papers are 100% authentic, written from scratch, and meet the requirements of your teacher!

Drug Addiction Term Paper Sample

Although the relation between addiction and criminality will be examined, there is nothing about the operation of these drugs which would incline a user to commit criminal offenses. In fact, the specific effects of opiates, serve to decrease the likelihood of any violent antisocial behavior. Similarly, opiates produce a marked diminishing of the sexual appetite--long-term addiction producing impotence among most male addicts; hence, concern about "dope fiend sex orgies" is quite unfounded. Indeed, perhaps the most striking characteristic of addicts is their general inactivity--on the basis of which they might be considered unproductive or withdrawn but hardly fearsome.

It has also been widely believed that opiates produce definite and extreme organic disturbance and deterioration in the users. Yet, as an authoritative report recently emphasized, there are no known organic diseases associated with chronic opiate addiction--such as are produced by alcohol addiction, regular cigarette-smoking, and even chronic overeating. Although opiate use does produce such effects as pupillary constriction, constipation, and sexual impotence, none of these conditions need be fully disabling, nor are they permanent. Similarly, many characteristics and ailments, such as unkempt appearance and symptoms of malnutrition, which often are exhibited by addicts in our society, are attributable to the difficulties they experience in obtaining drugs rather than to the drugs' direct effects.

There is also considerable misunderstanding about the supposedly positive feelings the addict receives from the drugs. As noted above, a sense of well-being and contentment is often produced by opiates. As a young female addict has put it: You simply do not worry about things you worried about before. You look at them in a different way. . . . Everything is always cool, everything is all right. It makes you not feel like fighting the world. . . . I mean it's that sort of a thing, you know, when you're not hooked.

Some discussions of addiction have exaggerated the positive nature of these euphoric effects, and this has led to the widespread belief that addicts take drugs solely for "kicks." The crucial misunderstanding is suggested by the addict's express limitation of the above description of euphoria to when you're not hooked. In most cases, positive feelings about the drug are largely restricted to the early stages of addiction. In the later stages, a reversal of effects occurs, in which the drug is no longer taken primarily to obtain positive pleasure but rather to avoid the negative effects of withdrawal."

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