Eating Disorder Essay


Eating Disorder Essay Writing Essentials

In the modern world, every person had or has eating disorder due to unhealthy nutrition, stress, GMO-rich foods, and other factors which make it hardly possible to sustain healthy eating habits. The problems related to eating disorders have become a serious social issue; therefore, an eating disorder essay is very popular among instructors and educators.

Observing Ways of Writing an Eating Disorder Essay

  • It does not matter what body mass index you have, but the way you eat has an important meaning. They say, “You are what you eat” and it is 100% true, especially in case of eating disorders. Discuss this problem from several points of view. You may find out some interesting and shocking facts about different diets and results of them. In particular, some extreme diets may cause eating disorders, especially in young females.
  • It is essential to provide the definition of eating disorder in your eating disorder essay. If you have no ideas on that, use a dictionary and they restate the definition in your own words. For example: “Eating disorder is a health problem conditioned by unhealthy system of nutrition.”
  • In your eating disorder essay, you may discuss different types of eating disorders. Mention such types as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, anorexia athletica, orthorexia, etc. Say few words about them and try to give some prevention measures.
  • It is recommended to include figures (or statistics) and specify a number of people who suffer from eating disorders. Your eating disorder essay will have much important meaning if you add statistics and diagrams because the use of visual material enhances the overall quality of your essay writing and establish a better rapport between you and a reader.
  • It is useful for readers to know more about people who suffer from eating disorders.  You may discuss why women are more likely to develop eating disorders than men.
  • Describe negative effects of eating disorders and ways of their treatment.

Useful Information You May Include In Your Eating Disorder Essay

  • Real-life examples. It is more shocking and breathtaking when you write about something that has happened with people you know. An example from your real lives may be a determinative in your grade.
  • Investigation of some researchers and experiments. You may find some examples of scientific researches exploring eating disorders and include them as supporting evidence in your own essay.

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