Educating Rita essay


Educating Rita essay

An Educating Rita Essay should begin with the fact that this is a play with feminist leanings about a young twenty-six year old woman who is a British hairdresser that conforms to international standards. But she is not satisfied with being a hairdresser and a wife and wants to embark on a course of self-development by studying English Literature.

A romantic twist

Even though Rita is a married woman she attracts the attentions of Frank her assigned Open University professor. An Educating Rita Essay should make use of suitable quotes from the text to demonstrate how Frank teaches Rita to value her own insights and to come out of the exams as a winner. But this change in her educational status causes friction with her bitter half.

No Educating Rita Essay can be complete without dwelling on Rita’s open university teacher Frank Bryant, who has both drinking a well as marriage problems but finds a new lease on life when Rita enters his life like a breadth of fresh air.

Frank appreciates Rita’s free spirit as well as her ability to have her own distinct views on a subject. But his admiration is gradually replaced by a sense of disillusionment when he watches her impulsiveness being slowly replaced by a hard and analytical approach that he so despises in the academic crowd that he rubs shoulders with-including his students. So the study of change should also be a part of your Educating Rita Essay.

Changing times

At the beginning of their relationship Dr. Frank Bryant is taken up by Rita’s sincerity and need to find herself- instead of living a mundane life traveling to work and back while earning a living. In that sense Rita adds a depth of meaning to his life that was hitherto marked by drinks and disillusionment. As a result he finds that Rita is the first woman he is drawn to after his wife deserted him.

But life is full of change and Rita also changes by the end of the play. In short an Educating Rita Essay must also touch on the difference in time and the part experiences play in making us lead fuller lives through self-discovery.

Your Educating Rita Essay should describe how they met like two rivers and then bifurcated once more in to their separate ways. Conclude by stating that this is ultimately a story about the voyage of self-discovery and getting to do what one wants to in life despite obstacles and change.