Essay About Cars


Essay About Cars

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Essay About Cars Sample

Every day vehicles in London travel twenty million miles; there are 224 of them to every mile of road -- as against sixty per mile in the rest of the country. Most main roads in London now carry almost their saturation volume of traffic all day -- this means that there is little road left to accommodate drivers' mistakes, so every error means an accident. If traffic and accidents were evenly spread over London's 8,600 miles of road, the 'police task would be hopeless; fortunately (from the police point of view) seventy per cent of the accidents are concentrated in the A and B class roads which make up only seventeen per cent of the mileage. But even so, they cannot patrol all of these 1,600 miles of road.

To concentrate their efforts, they have instituted a system of Accident Intelligence. This begins with a record system kept locally, which identifies each stretch of road that has had ten or more accidents in six months. A pilot study done in 'T' Division (an area with the size and population of the city of Sheffield) shows that this criterion usually indicates something wrong with the road rather than with the drivers. A study is made, and often something can be done to reduce the danger.

In many cases the problem is something as simple and basic as two streets crossing. Though one doesn't realise it, this offers sixteen places where cars can hit each other, and eight where they can run over pedestrians. If one of the streets is made one-way, the collision points are reduced to nine and pedestrian points to six. If both are one-way, there are only three collision and four pedestrian points. One-way working greatly reduces accidents; it also increases road capacity because traffic is not held up by cars waiting to turn right. Studies of one-way schemes in central London show journey times cut by sixty to seventy per cent even though cars have to go further.

But not all traffic engineering is as imple. Accidents Intelligence investigations often show up obscure faults like traffic-light signals sometimes being hidden by doubledecker buses, or a road sign combined with a little hill that makes it impossible to see cars coming out of a side-turning, or a badly-sited street light. Since a quarter of all London's accidents involve pedestrians -- we have no effective jaywalking law -- many Accident Intelligence investigations recommend curbing them by building guard rails along the pavements.

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