Essay About Family


Essay About Family

So, your assignment is to write an essay about family.  Do not know how and where to start writing?  Of course, not all of us are professional writers capable of writing an excellent essay on any topic. Nevertheless, we all have to complete assignments if we do not want to fail the course.  Writing an essay about family, you should start with listing as many things about your family as you can.  For example, list three positive and three negative qualities of each member.  Then, recall the situations when you felt happy or when funny incidents occurred. If you do want to impress your teacher with essay about family, you should request professional essay writing help at this site.  Custom essay writers will write an original essay about family for you.  Affordable writing services and guaranteed delivery. Custom written essays are authentic!

Sample Essay About Family

The hundred families show a wide variation in their reliance upon physical punishment as a form of discipline and child rearing, as well as in the extent of its use. A careful reading of the case material indicates the existence of four types of families in this respect. One of these is the type in which discipline for any offense that is more than trivial means physical punishment. The child misbehaves, it is slapped; the misbehavior is serious, it is given a liberal dose; the offense is a major one (and the parent makes this decision, often on a temporary whim), and a severe beating follows. In most, but not all, of these cases, the father is the disciplinarian. In some cases, this policy is born of the immoderate use of alcohol; in some, of ill health; in others, from emotional upsets; and in a few, it represents a conscious policy of parenthood.

In a second type of family, physical punishment casts its continuing shadow. It is not the main method that is used, it may not even be the principal one, but its possibility is consciously and constantly kept in the background. One is reminded here of one of the families which had the custom of "kneeling under the whip." Writes the informant in this family: "A sawed-off broom handle with leather straps hanging from the end hung close to the door in the kitchen, and whenever mother felt that we needed to be straightened out, she would make us kneel under the whip, which meant that we lost our freedom. The place where the whip was hung was a strategic one. Kneeling close to the door gave us a good opportunity to see our sisters and brothers at play." In this second type, there was strong reliance upon fear as a factor in child rearing and upon physical punishment as its inspirer. In a few of these families it was the mother who administered the punishment; in several cases, it was both parents; but in the majority of these families, mother was the informer and father the administrator.

In the third type of large family, physical punishment was a kind of last-resort method. It might be reserved for major offenses. Or it might be utilized on sporadic occasions when parents were out of sorts. The chief reliance, however, was on other methods. Finally, there were the families, twenty eight in number, in which physical punishment was not used, either because other methods of discipline were utilized exclusively or because there was very little discipline of any kind.

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