Essay Friendship


Essay Friendship

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Essay Friendship: Sample

In the breaking off of friendships there is a certain danger of disaster which sometimes cannot be avoided. For now our discussion leads us away from the fellowship of the wise to the consideration of friendships found in the ordinary walks of life. Ofttimes the faults of friends break out, sometimes directly on their intimates, sometimes on strangers, though the disgrace through the latter sometimes spreads to their friends. Therefore such friendships should be allowed to fade out by the lessening of familiar intercourse, and, as I have been told Cato used to say, they should be ended gradually and gently, rather than by a violent separation, unless some very intolerable injury should flame forth so that the only course consistent with rectitude and honor, in fact the only course possible, is an instant break and separation. But if, on the other hand, some change in character or in tastes occurs, as is frequently the case, or if friendship is interrupted by a difference of opinion on a question of political parties -- for I am speaking now, as I have said before, not of such friendships as exist between wise men, but of the friendships of men of the ordinary sort -care must be observed that it may not appear that enmity has been engendered in addition to friendships being sundered.

Therefore we should first of all endeavor to prevent the possible estrangement of friends, and if such a thing does occur, to let it appear that the friendships have died out rather than been destroyed by violence. And we must beware also lest our friendships be transformed into bitter enmities, from which arise quarrels, abuse, and actual insults. Yet these should be endured whenever possible and this honorable tribute should be paid to the friendship that has been lost: that he who inflicts the injury, not he who suffers it, shall be considered at fault.

Looking at the matter as a whole, there is only one method of avoiding and of guarding against those faults and misfortunes which I have mentioned, and that is to avoid haste in forming one's friendships and not to choose as friends those who are unworthy. Moreover those are worthy of our friendship in whose very nature there are grounds for love. But how rare such men are! How rare indeed are all the noble things of life! For nothing is more difficult than to find a thing which is in every respect perfect of its kind.