Essay on Diet at Schools


Essay on Diet at Schools

According to the recent legislation, schools have to provide their students with healthy food and remove candies and chocolate bars machines at the halls. The essay on diet at school should provide an overview of the current legislation and include a critical analysis of its aim. o not forget about thesis statement or the central sentence as it states the purpose of your essay on diet at schools and the key idea. Also, in the introductory part of essay on diet at schools, it is necessary to provide a short overview of the problem and lead the reader to your essay structure. You need to state why the problem is important to write an essay about.

Essay on Diet at Schools: Topic Ideas

  • Obligatory diets at schools have numerous causes: obesity among young people is the direct outcome of poor food
  • Legislation has been introduced to regulate dieting at schools with the hope to reduce obesity among children
  • Young people with extra weight have health problems and tend to have lower self-esteem compared to students with normal weight
  • Conduct primary as well as secondary research (survey) in order to gather valuable and relevant information on the issue of diet at schools
  • Is diet at schools necessary? Does it really prevent obesity among children?

Essay on Diet at Schools: Free Sample

The causes of obesity are many, but they all have one thing in common: more calories taken in than calories burned. One of the leading causes of obesity in America is the accessibility of food. Mass production of foods and the growth of the American economy has made it extremely easy to purchase large quantities of food for a cheaper cost than any other nation. This ability has skewed our idea of what is a normal size portion because of the mass amount of food. For example: the American dinner plate has actually grown in size to meet the space for our meals. Also, it is natural for humans to want a “full plate”, even if they are not hungry to finish it. This trains us to eat more than we actually need. Another reason for the growth of obesity in America is the “couch potato”. This refers to hours spent watching television, video games, or searching the internet. Studies have concluded that watching television while eating will cause the person to actually eat twice the normal amount if he or she was not watching television. Lack of education can lead to a poor diet, low in nutrition value. In the past few years there has been many lawsuits towards fast food companies, such as McDonalds, because “they caused” an individual to become obese. Inadequate education may not prevent those from thinking fast food can provide a proper meal. In actuality, fast food is very high in calories and fat. Parent provided diets teach children what a meal consists of from childhood. These ideas of what makes a meal, is then continued throughout life. If a child is fed Macaroni and Cheese with a side of Oreo cookies and soda, their idea of a healthy meal may be skewed later in life, leading to a poor diet low in nutritional value. The rising cost of food due to our economic struggles may make fast food and other processed food more appealing due to the low cost. A prime example is the poor, who do not have the money to buy organic, all natural, or sometimes even healthy food from grocery stores, and rely on fast food to provide affordable meals for themselves and their families. Under and un-active children tend to continue their sedentary lifestyle as adults. This results in less calories burned than a more active lifestyle, increasing the likelihood of being overweight or obese.

Essay on Diet at Schools: Custom Papers

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