Essay on Poverty


The Parts Of The Essay. The Instructions To Follow

The main parts which are called the structure of this essay are as follows:

  1. The Introduction. You should state here your topic, exact purpose of writing, goals, which you set before discussing the problem and hopes for the conclusion. Use extraordinary beginning for grasping a reader’s attention. The main examples of this technique are anecdote, memory or life lesson, which is based on the gained experience. Make yourself closer to a reader by stating the timeless verities.
  2. The Body. Actually we recommend you to start this part first of all. When you collected all the needed data and you have enough information to understand the topic and to argue with your audience, you may start the Body Part. However it may be called like brainstorming or stream of thoughts. All the written will be formed into sentences in logic sequence only after analyzing the important ideas. It is your draft and the half of the whole essay on poverty. We advise you to write this part from the very beginning of your writing, because then you will be able to clear out the main ideas in the body part and state them in the thesis sentence.
    1. The first passage of your Body part should be devoted to the general position in the world to the term of the poverty. Analyze what countries have this level of the development nowadays.
    2. The second passage may be written about the certain position of the government to the poverty in the country and information on what measures are taken in order to avoid this position in society.
    3. The third paragraph is about step which may be taken and what new programs may be aimed to eradicate the poverty from a student’s point of view.
  3. The Conclusion. It is the end of your essay on poverty and only beginning, as for most students this part is considered to be difficult for writing, as here you need to restate the ideas from the thesis sentence and give the outcome of all the thoughts which you had in the introductory and body parts. Your subjective reasons are the base for the conclusions; leave behind your opinion the objective information, which should be taken in the previous parts. The conclusive statements should be compared to the goals in the introductory part.

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