Essays on Epilepsy


Essays on Epilepsy

 Epilepsy is the medical condition of the nervous system of a person which has adverse effects on the daily life. There are more than 2.5 Americans suffering of epilepsy and additional 180,000 people are diagnosed with this condition annually.  If you have ever seen a person having an epileptic seizure, you have a full awareness of the way epilepsy manifests itself. Epileptic seizure is accompanied with the involuntary motions followed by the feeling of weakness and confusion. If you are writing essays on epilepsy, you find this article useful as it contains links to the reliable sources of information on epilepsy, essay ideas, and essay excerpt.  

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In most patients there is a direct interplay of emotional disturbances with clinical seizure activity; patients in a state of psychological turmoil have increased seizure susceptibility and often require greater amounts of anti??? convulsant drugs. The achievement of psychological adjustment often reduces seizure frequency and intensity, and lessens drug requirement. This fact must be considered in relation to the individual patient, the age, family, and social circumstances. Family understanding is of primary importance, since the child with seizures must live, insofar as possible, as a normal individual within home and school settings. A great problem, still to be overcome, is the stigma attached to epilepsy and the lack of understanding which exists not only among people in general but in relation to various restrictive legal and social practices. Most children with seizures can attend schools and vocational programs successfully; most adults with seizures can develop productive careers and engage in activities, such as marriage, childbearing, obtaining an education, driving an automobile, traveling, and working successfully in business and industry ; while so engaged they can and should be protected by insurance and workmen's compensation programs. Only few patients require a protected environment in schools or "colonies" specifically developed for the epileptic. Even these should not be institutions in which many hundreds of epileptic patients are kept under essentially custodial care. Special treatment units or "colonies" in Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, and France are relatively small and homelike; they are designed to provide care for usually small numbers of patients at a time, involved in intensive programs of medical therapy, psychological management, education, and vocational training. From these units increasing numbers of adequately controlled patients are sent out into the general community where they can live well-adjusted and productive lives.  

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  • What is epilepsy?
  • How is epilepsy developed?
  • Who is at risk of epilepsy development?
  • How does epilepsy affect daily life?
  • What is epileptic seizure?
  • What is the treatment of epilepsy?

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