Essays on Racism


Essays on Racism

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Essays on Racism: FREE SAMPLE

The affliction is imbedded in the very fabric of U.S. capitalism. Racism has been and is still the policy of every major corporation in America. Racism is inherent in Big Business. It is a method of squeezing maximum profits from the labor of all who toil. It is an instrument for maintaining, in the halls of Congress and in state and city legislative bodies, reactionary blocs of antidemocratic, antilabor and anti-Black politicans. It is an effective device for keeping the working class divided. White supremacy is a central pillar in the ideology of U.S. imperialism.

It is this that explains the stubborn persistence of racism and bigotry. At stake in the civil rights issue are all past gains of our people. The stubborn resistance by the forces of reaction unifies and strengthens the ultra-Right coalition. The nuclear war maniacs, the rabid antilabor crowd, the antidemocratic, profascist gangs, the professional anti-Semites, the anti-Communist racketeers -- all now gravitate toward unity with the Southern racists, the KKK and similar groups. This is indeed a crystallization of reaction, an alliance that can open the gates to fascism. And open racism flows through all their veins.

They emerged as the organizers and the shock troops of the presidential campaign of Alabama's Governor Wallace. Most of the Wallace-appointed electors were members of the Birch Society. Antilabor corporations financed the campaign. Nazi groups financed the goon squads. Wallace furnished unsurpassed demagogy. Each group made its special contribution to the evil alliance whose ultimate aim is the destruction of democracy in our country and the use of nuclear weapons in the crusade to plant the iron heel of U.S. imperialism on all mankind.

The Big Business ideology of bigotry is like a poison gas designed to incapacitate the people, distort their perception of reality and bring on a state of mass delusion. We read stories of witchcraft in New England in an early period in our history. But is not the witchcraft of racism more fantastic, taking possession of the minds of millions of otherwise sane Americans?

U.S. capitalism took over the ideology of white supremacy from the slavemasters. Corporate capitalism has further developed it, disseminated it to every corner of American life. In order to imbue the masses of white Americans with the illusion of superiority, it is necessary to deprive Blacks of equal educational, social and economic opportunities. The aim is to make millions of white people unwitting instruments of the oppression of their brothers and sisters.

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