Fahrenheit 451 Essay


Fahrenheit 451 Essay

Throughout the world, students in most colleges and universities are required to write Fahrenheit 451 essay. But before being able to write such book reports, they need to read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, which belongs to such type of novels as dystopian. If you think that reading annotations or reviews of the novel is enough to write an excellent essay, you are wrong. Your teacher will immediately notice whether or not you are knowledgeable on the novel peculiarities. Moreover, you need to support your statements with the specific quotes and examples from the book. Without having the book and without reading the novel, this task becomes unachievable.  

Fahrenheit 451 Essay: Topics

Fahrenheit 451 essay discusses the problem of the society in which the ownership of the books is considered to be unlawful. Bradbury follows the tendency of other dystopian writers and expresses his concern about the problems of the society. The special topic of the novel is censorship. Under the pressure of censorship, the writers were forced to write very clearly and without symbols and hidden moments in order not to offend the readers and to pass the censorship.  

Fahrenheit 451 Essay: Main Character

The main character of the story is fireman. However, his professional is not put off the fire but to burn the books. He lives in the world where consumerism determines every aspect of human life. He is a person who wants to know more and, therefore, starts investigating why the world has become mad. Eventually, his quest for knowledge results in the self-realization…. These are only several ideas on the main character. Writing Fahrenheit 451 essay you may discuss the development of his character, the symbolism of his profession, or trace the link between the modern world and the one described in the novel.

Fahrenheit 451 Essay: Censorship

Censorship is the main theme of the novel. If you decide to write an essay on censorship in Fahrenheit 451, you may choose to focus on the following aspects:

  • social censorship
  • self-censorship
  • institutional censorship

You may either explore these types of censorship together, focus on one aspect, or compare different types. In addition, you may hypothesize why the topic of censorship is important in modern community. Censorship is an ugly form of the control and when it goes too far, it can be a tool of destruction of the culture and moral values.

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