Fiction Book Reviews


Fiction Book Reviews

Students assigned to write fiction book reviews sometimes are misled by the type of the assignment. As it is known, there are two types of books – fiction and non-fiction – and book review depends on this factor, as essential differences between two types exist. Although some similar features can be marked out, the information is presented in both book reviews with regards on the type of the book. So try to consider it when you should write fiction book reviews.

Generally, fiction book reviews do not retell or summarize the events of a book. They should analyze and express the opinion over the quality, significance of a book, what make this type of written assignment so complicated for some students. They are returned their reviews many times on end and cannot understand what exactly they need to do. So let us help you and you will be a master of writing fiction book reviews.

Of course, the nature of fiction book reviews differs from other essays and the way of writing cannot be circled into the certain frames. Ok, here are some guidelines of working upon the fiction book reviews:

  1. the elements of the book should not be ignored. Write about climax and ending, which has some conclusions over the problem stated in the book. Of course, your constant helpers are citations, which are to support the thought of yours.
  2. the title of the book, the name of the author should be stated in the very beginning. In some case additional information is included into the first paragraph also.
  3. then you can talk about characters. They can be considered from the point of view of the character consistency. The character is as much discussable as more lines of his behavior are shown by the author. The analysis of their views, actions and features is an important factor in disclosing author’s position towards the core problems. Discuss the portrait of the noticeable characters.
  4. speak about the theme of the book. Try to look deeper and find real themes of the book. Sometimes the real theme is hidden behind so evident facts, which glare for the reader. Why, what for are your evident partners in this part of discussion.
  5. mention plot and author’s information. First of all it is useful exercise to give brief observation of conflict and conclusions. And secondly, more knowledge about the author’s biography can help to reveal some resemblance with the book.
  6. actually, you may summarize the events of the book, but try to do it in one-two sentences.
  7. the most interesting part of the fiction book reviews is the expressing your opinion. But do not use slang language. In the end of this paragraph you can give recommendations to the readers.
  8. try to avoid mistakes in your fiction book reviews of all types.

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