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Free Essays

A growing number of sites are offering students free essay papers. Many students think that this is a good opportunity to avoid college essay writing. But they do not think that those essays are of poor quality. Aren’t you afraid to be one of those who have already turned in the same essays to your tutor? The standard of the free student essays is very poor. Even if free essays give answer to the posted question, they contain errors of fact. Others just give background information rather than answer the question.

Do you want to hear from your professor “I rated your essay as awful, because of poor English and lack of correspondence to the topic”? Frequently, it is very questionable whether free essay had been written by English speaker. It should be added the references of many free student essays are out of date.

Free Student Essays

Reading the information at the sites that offer free essays, you may find they assure the work will not be detected by anti-plagiarism software in your college or university. But it is not true. Many universities as well as a lot of colleges are using anti-plagiarism software now to find out whether the work is original. And practically all of the free essays contain plagiarized material from the academic journal articles.

If you still do not take seriously this information and want to use essays obtained from the internet, read what student guide warns you about. There you will find information about plagiarism as a serious instructional offense that may leads to failing a course or reprimand and mandatory withdrawal from the university. We think this information persuades you to think one hundred times before using free essays from the Internet.

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