Free Essays on Comparison and Contrast


Free Essays on Comparison and Contrast

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Actually, this type of essay is rather popular in American higher institutions; so many students need to learn the main rules of writing an essay on comparison and contrast:

Rules on Comparison and Contrast Essay Writing

  • In the essay there you find resemblances and discrepancies between two objects, which may be people, events, things, problems, investigations and other points for discussion.
  • The essay is inclined to improve your understanding of importance of compared objects and ability of analyzing. In addition, critical thinking and argumentations of your thoughts may come in handy, when you choose career paths.
  • Follow exactly to the instructions. This type of essay should be either comparative or contrastive. In other cases, you will be assigned to write two-aspect essay.
  • Use compare and contrast techniques. Share a list of paper into two columns. The one column is similar features, while the second is different features. Try to pick up the reasons more or less of the one level to have easier discussion later.
  • The purpose of the essay should be stated clear. What conclusions will you make upon the topic? Will you be pro or con?
  • For the comparison you will need to dispose different information, including place, time, scopes, names, reasons, causes and other relevant issues. Remember that as more sides of the compared objects you find as more chances you have to write a good essay. And without help of free essays on comparison and contrast.

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