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Gender Equality Essay Writing

Gender equality is one of the topics which are closely related to the issue of discrimination, sexism, and social stereotypes. If you are writing a gender equality essay, you have a great variety of topics to choose from. For example, you may write about the biological differences between men and women and try to explain how those biological differences are projected on social and professional roles of males and females.

Even though the modern society is focused on gender equality, there are still many questions remaining regarding the inequality among men and women. For example, in the United States of America, Australia, European Union, and other developed states, the issue of gender inequality is made a matter of legal protection and the governments of developed countries guarantee equal treatment to men and women in all aspects.

Nevertheless, in Muslim countries and undeveloped regions, gender inequality is a serious problem as it makes women vulnerable to murder, humiliation, and open discrimination in social, professional, and domestic roles.

Gender Equality Essay Essentials

This section presents you several ideas which may be useful for writing gender equality or discrimination essay.

  • Gender equality movement is based on the idea that both genders and sexes should be protected by the government equally.
  • Gender equality is related to human rights, women’s rights, and overall development of the countries.
  • Gender equality is declared as he first human right and is included into the United Nations Millennium Project
  • The promotion of gender equality is seen as one of the strategies to end poverty and sustain economic development

Gender Equality Topic Ideas

  • The role of women in economic development of their countries; female education (mixed-sex education)
  • The impact on religion in gender equality; women in Islam: protected or abused?
  • Laws protecting gender equality and promoting discrimination-free societies
  • Equality Act of 2006; Equal Pay Act of 1963, Title IX, etc.
  • Organizations promoting gender quality in UK, Afghanistan, and United States

Gender Equality Essay Help

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