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Hamlet Essays

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Polonius tells Gertrude to deal sternly with her son, then conceals himself as Hamlet enters. Gertrude is so frightened by his initial threats that she cries for help. When Polonius takes up the cry, Hamlet mistakes him for Claudius, and runs his sword through the arras and slays him, pretending that he thinks he is slaying a rat. He castigates Gertrude, showing her pictures of his father and his uncle as he praises one and execrates the other. He charges her with perverse lasciviousness as she cries for merciful silence. The Ghost returns and reminds him of his 'almost blunted purpose'-presumably in reference to his failure to take vengeance on Claudius, since it continues to show its former solicitude for Gertrude. Since she is unable to see or hear it, she supposes that Hamlet's addresses to it are madness, but he warns her not to take comfort in such a belief. He pleads with her to abstain from further intercourse with Claudius, harping upon the subject with terrible vividness. He repents the slaying of Polonius, viewing the act as heaven's punishment of him as heaven's own scourge. He tells his mother he is being cruel to her only to save her, and warns her not to be seduced by Claudius into revealing the secret that his madness is only pretended. After she has promised to keep his secret, he tells her that he is to be sent to England accompanied by his two false friends, whose craft will be undermined by his own. He makes ironical comments upon the unaccustomed silence of Polonius as he drags away his body.

Since the slaying here is not premeditated, but seems no more than an impulsive reflex action, it does not eliminate the possibility that Hamlet is a reluctant killer. In fact this scene contains another of his obliquely expressed concessions that vengeance is sinful (173-76): heaven scourges its own scourger. The modern critical stress upon the 'Oedipus complex' as explanatory of Hamlet's psychology leans heavily upon this scene, in which he does indeed display an excessive concern with his mother's sexual life. The analysts suggest that his passion is interpretable as jealousy provoked by his own unconscious incestuous drives, and that Claudius has been Hamlet's own surrogate in slaying the father and possessing the mother; hence his attitude toward this figure exhibits a powerful and yet inhibited sense of outrage. The suggestion should not be discounted entirely, but we should try to retain our sense of critical proportion.

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