History Essay


History Essay

History essay must follow the standard format including introduction, body and conclusion.  It is a pleasure to write a history essay because you must conduct a secondary research and provide your own interpretation of the event or person.  Read the following sample of history essay to get a basic understanding of how to present information.  Please keep in mind that we are open 24/7 to provide you with any assistance with history essay.

History Essay Sample

Stages in the long journey of the Egyptians towards civilization have been recognized as a result of excavations at various sites. But even the outlines of this story are still very sketchy and the sequence of events highly conjectural. Two broad phases in the development can at present be traced. The first, or Early Pre-dynastic Period, covers much of the excavated material as found at the Neolithic sites of Deir Tasa in the South, and Faiyum 'A' and Merimda in the North, and extending through the Chalcolithic cultures of el-Badari and el-Amra, near Abydos, again in the South (see the chart opposite).

From a survey of the material remains in the first category we can see how the early Egyptians gradually adapted them, selves to an agricultural way of life which, by the end of the period about 3600 B.C., probably differed little from that followed by the pagan tribes of the Upper Nile today. At this point, we find both wheat and barley being grown and stored in pits lined with mats. Basketry was practised and the technique of weaving linen improved steadily throughout this period. Garments were also made of animal skins which could be tanned and softened. Needles were of bone. Bracelets of ivory and shell, and perforated stone and shell disk-beads are common. Eye-paint, ground from green malachite on schist palettes, and cleansing oils, expressed from the wild castor plant, show that the cosmetic arts, always important in the hot and dry Egyptian summer, were developing. Combs, made from bone or ivory, are decorated with figures of animals in Amratian times. Tools and weapons were almost exclusively of stone or flint, arrows being tipped with chert points as well as bone barbs. The throw-stick, probably used in fowling, was known in a form that differed little from that used in Pharaonic times. A mace with a pear-shaped stone head becomes common by the end of the Amratian period. During this phase food was apparently plentiful. Dogs, goats, sheep, cattle, geese, and pigs had been domesticated and wild game abounded. Grain was probably boiled for porridge as well as baked for bread. Cooking and storage vessels were of pottery and the ceramic arts show a steady advance from the coarse clay cups bowls of Faiyum 'A' to the fine, red, burnished pottery of the Amratians with its fanciful shapes and linear decoration in white slip. Vases hollowed out of stone also appear during this phase, the precursors of one of the most characteristic products of historic Egypt.

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