How to Critique a Book


Free Tips On How to Critique a Book

When students are assigned to write a book critique, they sometimes do not have a clear idea what it means. Well, if you are not sure how to critique a book, this paper can come of use. You may find it helpful to look through free tips on writing Macbeth essay. In addition, you may order custom written book reports and get your paper written from scratch!

How to critique a book. Tip 1

Keep in mind the purpose of your paper. In most cases people, reading a critique, have already read the book. That means, you do not have to retell the plot of the book, but pay more attention to its evaluation.

How to critique a book. Tip 2

Sometimes you are not given a particular book to critique, and you have to choose it yourself. In such a case, try to find a book which will be interesting for you. Ask your friends or teachers whose opinion you can rely on to recommend you a book. After that, make sure that the subject of the book and its style are appealing to you.

How to critique a book. Tip 3

As for the content of your critique, it should basically contain three main points: 1) the title of the work and its author, 2)summary of the book, 3)evaluation of the book. More points to discuss are:

  • Author’s theme. Discuss the purpose of writing, the main idea of the book and methods of its development.
  • Biography. Give a brief outline of the intellectual life of the writer, link the work under analysis to author’s other books.
  • Merit. Evaluate the relationship between the book you critique and other books in the field.
  • Evaluation. Evaluate the book, providing solid arguments to support your vision.
  • Quotations. In your writing use quotations from the book to illustrate the style, the theme etc.

How to critique a book. Tip 4

Concerning organization, the structure below is more a recommendation than a requirement, you can easily change paragraphs. The title of your work cannot be the same as the title of the book under consideration, but can contain it. In the introduction present some bibliographical information about the book. The number of paragraphs in the body can be different, but usually one paragraph is devoted to summary, and the other one contains evaluation. Describe positive and negative features of the book; support your critique with evidence from the work. In the final part give your conclusion.

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