How to Write an Analysis Essay of “A Rose for Emily”


How to Write an Analysis Essay of “A Rose for Emily”

During your studies you must have written dozens of essays. You know that there exist many kinds of essays, and this time you have to write an analysis essay. Here you will find some useful instructions on how to write an analysis essay of “A Rose for Emily” by Faulkner.  

In the introductory part of your analysis essay of “A Rose for Emily” give some information about the author. Write about some important facts from his biography and give a notion about his main works.

The main part of your analysis essay of “A Rose for Emily” must be devoted to analysis of the text itself. Depending on the size of your essay you can choose some points to analyze, which you consider to be the most interesting. It will be reasonable to start with analyzing the composition. Mention that the story is divided in five parts and give a brief characteristic of each of them. But do not try to retell the plot, if you do not want your analysis essay of “A Rose for Emily” sound like summary.As you know, Faulkner was different from other writers of his time, mainly because of non-linear chronology of his works. In “A Rose for Emily” we can observe this characteristic feature, as the reader has to pass through different scenes and jump from one period of time to another. In such a way the narration unfolds step-by-step before reader’s eyes, like a puzzle.

As for narration, do not forget to mention that the story is told from a first-person plural. This “we” stands for the people of the town Emily lived in and makes the narration sound impartial. In your analysis essay of “A Rose for Emily” it would be good to mention that in this story Faulkner tried to depict the problem of a person in society. After her father’s death Emily was ready to make some radical changes in her life. Moreover, Emily fell in love with a man from North. This fact is very important as by that time the civil war had been over and slavery was abolished. Well, the people of the town did not let Emily become different.

Finally, to sum up your analysis essay of “A Rose for Emily”, write about your impressions about the story. Though the narrator’s voice sounds quite reserved and impartial, it is difficult to stay indifferent to Emily’s drama. Ruined dreams and lives are perhaps the result of our indifference to each other.

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