How to Write Book Reports


In order to cope with book report writing successfully, you need to know 2 main things: what is a book report and how to write book reports. Here we go to help you with both questions.

A book report is a summary of reading you have done. If you want to know how to write book reports, read our tips below:

How to write book reports: Step 1. Choosing a book

  • It is important to choose the book you are really interested in, otherwise, you will hardly enjoy preparing your book report and it is going to be almost entirely negative. Also, you need to decide whether to pick fiction or non-fiction. 

How to write book reports: Reading the book

  • Of course, there is nothing much more pleasant than sitting in a comfortable chair reading your favorite book and taking part in all the actions described. Still, it is also important to make some notes while reading. That is why we recommend you read the book at least two times. The first time will give you much pleasure from the process, and the second one will help you make a kind of analysis.

How to write book reports: Outlining a fiction

If you have picked a fiction, you have to keep to a specific structure while writing:

  • The setting – where do the actions take place? Is this place real or imaginary?
  • The time period – let your reader know whether the story is set in the present days, the past time, or in the future.
  • The main characters – who are the main characters? What are their relationships between each other?
  • The plot – what happens to the main characters? Be careful! Do not include too many details!

How to write book reports: outlining non-fiction

If you have chosen a non-fiction for your book report, the following scheme should be kept:

  • Subject – the general subject of the book, what the book is about;
  • Summary – your summary of what happened in the book.

How to write book reports: Drafting

When making the draft of your book report, do not pay much attention to your grammar, spelling, etc. Your purpose is to make a good content.

How to write book reports: Revising

At this stage, you have to find and correct all mistakes and make sure your writing is neat enough.

How to write book reports: The final report

It is better to type your report on a paper. Thus, your paper will be looking presentably, and it will be easier for your teacher to read it.