Informative Essay Topics


Informative Essay Topics

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Informative Essay Sample

Seeding clouds sometimes made it rain. By 1950 there were large-scale silver-iodide seedings in Arizona and in the state of Washington. Companies were formed to make rain on a commercial basis for ranchers and farmers, and Dr. Irving P. Krick's Water Resources Development Corporation reportedly contracted for a million dollars' worth of business in New Mexico and Colorado. But even though cloud seeding worked, it was also apparent that there were many problems involved and that man did not yet know enough about the weather or the law.

If rancher A hires a cloud seeder to make rain on his property, Farmer B can sue him for depriving him of rain that could have fallen on B's property. Or can he? And can Town C sue Town A for causing a disastrous flood that ruins C? Moreover, do the rainmakers add to the total precipitation or do they simply make it happen in different localities? Even the latter would be beneficial if control and effectiveness could be demonstrated. But after some twenty years of more or less scientific application, rainmaking is by no means a science.

To one writer, United States Weather Bureau studies suggest that cloud seeding is hardly any more effective in bringing precipitation than tom-toms beating or rain dancers dancing. This is a harsh judgment, but for the moment at least it seems a fair one. Future developments may change the picture, and a National Academy of Sciences report suggests something far more fantastic than cloud seeding on a local scale. The proposal is for modification of climate itself. Here is how the suggestion is worded:

Now that man has at his disposal a great industrial potential and immense sources of energy, bold intervention into climatic processes is conceivable. For example, we can consider the relocation of the northern hemispheric wave in a manner to optimize climate over a very large portion of the northern continents. We could alter the reflectivity of large areas of the earth's surface, heat oceans or atmospheres by nuclear sources, or alter circulation. But we have only the tools to do this; we lack not only an adequate understanding of the processes of climate, but also the much more sophisticated understanding of the causes of change and the results of intervention. We do not know, for example, whether changes in climate are merely changes in the persistence of certain weather conditions or changes in the regime.

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