Life Changing Experience Essay


Life Changing Experience Essay

Life changing experience essay is always difficult to write because you need to recall the moment when your life became different.  For example, your first day of high school could have impacted your vision of life.  However, it is not easy to write life changing experience essay because it is not easy to share personal secrets.  For many people, life changing experience has been not very pleasant such as death of a loved person.  If you need help with writing your life changing experience essay, feel free to request assistance at our site.  Our support team is working 24/7! Custom written essays are original and properly referenced!

Life Changing Experience Essay Sample:

There is the confused and meaningless dream which is due to the uncontrolled activity of the mind working on the forms that are stored in its memory without any deeper background of spiritual apprehension; secondly there is the symbolic dream, in which the sensible image has a symbolic or analogous relation to some higher spiritual idea which can be discovered by analysis and interpretation; and finally there is the true dream which carries immediate conviction in a flash of spiritual knowledge and which therefore is more akin in its nature to genuine prophetic inspiration than anything else in man's normal experience.

This is a very brief and inadequate summary of Ibn Khaldun's position, but it suffices to show the remarkable way in which he integrates all the diverse phenomena of prophecy, inspiration and divination with his system of thought which is essentially that of a Natural Theologian. For Ibn Khaldun occupies an almost unique central position not only midway between East and West, but also between the modern scientific approach and the naive and receptive attitude of primitive culture. From the purely religious point of view, however, he is surpassed by another great Moslem philosopher, Al Ghazali ( 1058-1111), a thinker who studied the same problems with no less subtlety and with even greater profundity and intuition. For Al Ghazali was himself a religious genius of the first order, like St. Augustine, who did not study religious phenomena from without but wrote of the things that he had known, under the influence of a life-changing experience. 

No philosopher has, in fact, had a clearer realization of the limits of reason and of the impossibility of communicating by logical argument the essential nature of the spiritual realities with which religion is necessarily and directly concerned. Yet, at the same time, nothing could be more decisive than his rejection of the purely traditionalist attitude that has been so common in Islam. "There is no hope," he writes, "in returning to a traditional faith after it has once been abandoned, since the essential condition in the holder of a traditional faith is that he should not know he is a traditionalist. Whenever he knows that the glass of his traditional faith is broken; that is a breaking that cannot be mended, and a separating that cannot be united by any sewing or putting together, except it be melted in the fire and given another new form."

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