Literary Critical Essays


Literary Critical Essays: Tips to Cope

Literary critical essay is the kind of essay, which presupposes the explanation of the piece of literary writing by the means of interpretation. In your literary critical essays writing you have to analyze how the author manages to deliver his or her message to the readers, what helps him or her to do this? Pay attention to any detail.   

Interpretation is your own point of view, your own perception of what you have read. If you manage to make the interpretation be the main theses of your literary critical essays writing, you are going to gain a success with your professor and get the highest grade for your hard working. However, it is necessary to prove your interpretation with the help of some certain evidence taken from the text itself.  

Writing Literary Critical Essays

Start examining and analyzing the piece of writing you have to deal with in your literary critical essay from its title. As a rule, the title contains the main idea of the whole writing, it is certain to provide you with some hint. If you are confused by some words while the passage under analysis writing, do spend time in order to look it up in the dictionary. You have to understand the piece under analysis from the first word till the last one. Sometimes one single word may tell you more than the whole paragraph.

Questions to Consider in Your Literary Essays

In order to get the proper interpretation of the text it is recommended to answer the following questions:

  • When, where, and what happens in the text under consideration?
  • Who are the main characters of the literary work?
  • Who are the rest of the characters and how are they connected to the main ones?
  • Can one observe metamorphose of the main character, if yes, than how is he or she changed or hat make him or her to change?
  • What is the main problem of the text, or what is the main conflict if speaking the literature language?    
  • Who is the narrator? Does he or she have any specific influence on the fulfilling events of the text?

The Final Tip to Remember!

After you have answered the above-mentioned questions, try to formulate the message of the author he or she wants to deliver to the reader in one sentence. Try to single out the main theme of the issue under the analyses. Concentrate in your literary critical essays upon the different figures and tropes of speech as they reveal the hidden meaning of the text.