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Love Essays

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Love Essays Sample

Love embraces all things and perpetually sustains all. This must be the starting point of love. At first glance, love and tolerance seem unrelated, but love always accompanies tolerance. What the world knows as magnanimity is after all nothing else than the product of love's great embracing power. Tolerance is not the peculiar possession of the people of the romantic period: we of the new age too must have tolerance. In ancient times men regarded those who spoke strange languages as enemies, or else glared at them jealously. The French quarreled with the English, and the German-speaking people wrangled with those who spoke French. This was for no other reason than that each man respected the language of his own country, and stood sturdily for independence. But in the present day differences of language do not cause jealousy and glaring looks, for we know that we must break away from distinctions and barriers of language, and love one another. Love is always tolerant.

Again, in ancient times religion quarreled with religion. Even in Christendom Protestants fought with Catholics, actually at times resorting to arms. Did not Luther himself say, "Kill the peasants!"--a hundred thousand of them? And did not Calvin order that folk who sang songs should forthwith be exiled? Furthermore, to the Arminians, who affirmed that man in this present existence might be perfectly cleansed, the Calvinists replied that while in the present world a man's sins might be forgiven, he could not be sanctified. Thus they frequently fought together, and in America Calvinists actually put to death believers of other communions. The former violent controversies of the Methodists with other sects are well known to all. Thus in the religious world of the past men's narrowness prompted them to fight over articles of faith, but we must discard these narrow views and in the spirit of tolerance spread our religion of love.

Today in the sphere of socialistic movements, anarchists and bolshevists dispute with each other, one side approving tyranny and centralized authority, while the other side demands free combinations. But in social movements as well as in spiritual, Paul's "tolerant, compassionate love" must be the basal motive. I deplore men taking such narrow positions, building citadels, as it were, in their own small bosoms. Why can they not be more tolerant? It is because they have no love. Love is an emanation; it is like the rays of the sun. Love acts not from feelings of pity, but like the radiations from the sun, issues forth from within as light and warmth.

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